About the Author

Erick Moore
Industrial Design & Construction Expert

Hello there! I’m Erick, and I have a deep passion for writing and content creation. As the proud author and blogger on our team, I thoroughly enjoy crafting engaging and informative pieces. While I cherish collaborative efforts with my fellow team members, my primary focus is to leverage my extensive professional experience to provide valuable insights to both potential customers and our colleagues, especially in addressing production and equipment-related challenges. My goal is to contribute significantly to our team’s success and enhance our customers’ experience through well-crafted content and practical solutions.

Professional steps

Erick Moore is a versatile and accomplished professional with a passion for Industrial Design, Construction, and Signage Production. With over 19 years of experience in the field, Erick’s expertise spans a diverse range of products and industries. His creative flair and attention to detail have earned him recognition as a skilled Industrial and Graphic Designer, and as an experienced Sign Shop Production Operator and co-owner.

Industrial Design Mastery

With a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Arizona State University, Erick brings a solid educational foundation to his work. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated an innate ability to transform conceptual ideas into tangible products. His quick-sketching skills allow him to create logical, economical, and stylish designs while adhering to clients’ specific requirements.

Erick is well-versed in 3D computer modeling, utilizing tools such as Rhino and SolidWorks to bring designs to life with precision. His rendering expertise with V-Ray and KeyShot enhances the visualization of products, ensuring they meet clients’ expectations.

Craftsmanship in Construction and Signage Production

In addition to his design prowess, Erick is an experienced Sign Shop Production Operator and co-owner. Since 2015, he has been responsible for producing signs, banners, decals, and more, using cutting-edge equipment such as the Mimaki Flatbed UV Printer and Mimaki roll-fed printer. Erick’s dynamic and exciting client base consistently challenges him and his team to deliver top-notch signage that represents their organizations in the best possible way.

As a crucial player in his Production Team, Erick takes charge of various responsibilities, including understanding various signage and graphics media, proficiently operating sign production and finishing equipment, and preparing substrates for application. His attention to detail extends to weeding excess vinyl from computer-cut images and conducting pre- and post-construction quality assurance measures to ensure high standards.

Furthermore, Erick expertly performs finishing operations, such as laminating, encapsulating, and mounting printed pieces, ensuring that each project is completed to perfection. His hands-on approach also involves installing signs at customer locations, showcasing his commitment to excellent service.

With a keen eye for efficiency, Erick maintains a sufficient inventory of media, laminates, and substrates, and ensures a consistent production rate that meets or exceeds established minimum rates per hour.

Beyond Design and Production

Outside of his professional pursuits, Erick’s passion for craftsmanship extends to his involvement in construction and renovation projects. He actively contributes to community service initiatives, combining his talents to make a positive impact on society. Erick’s diverse interests include acting, modeling, screen printing, and playing the cello, adding a vibrant dimension to his life.

Erick Moore’ dedication to excellence, combined with his creativity, craftsmanship, and expertise in both Industrial Design and Signage Production, make him a prominent figure in the industry. His commitment to delivering exceptional products and services, while exceeding customer expectations, is a testament to his professional success and drive for excellence.

Erick Moore
As the co-owner of a premier signage advertising firm, the author draws from his roots as an operator to provide genuine industry insights. See author page.