Sign Order Guide

Planning an event? Want to spread the word about your business? Or perhaps, rallying behind a cause? Whatever your need, our yard signs are here to make a statement. And not just any statement—a bright, bold, and lasting one. Let’s help you pick the best sign for your need.

📌 Materials & Pricing

Your sign’s choice of material doesn’t just define its look—it determines how it braves the weather, how it shines in the crowd, and, of course, how much it dents your pocket. Here’s a closer look:

Corrugated Plastic

  • Price:
  • Features: Light as a feather but strong in presence! This economical pick is great for those short-term gigs or cozy indoor displays.

Aluminum (.040)

  • Price: 10Х
  • Features: Say hello to our pocket-friendly aluminum star! It’s versatile, shining bright both indoors and outdoors. And did we mention it’s wallet-friendly too?

Aluminum (.063)

  • Price: 12Х
  • Features: Need something that can withstand a storm or two? This durable aluminum variant stands tall and strong. Perfect for the great outdoors, especially those tricky weathers.


  • Price:
  • Features: Think of it as Corrugated Plastic’s sophisticated sibling. It’s sleek, stylish, and shares a close bond with polyethylene signs.
Corrugated PlasticLightweight and cost-effective. Best suited for temporary displays or indoors.
Aluminum (.040)10ХA cost-friendly aluminum type. Works wonders both indoors and out in the open.
Aluminum (.063)12ХThe durable choice for those tougher outdoor conditions.
PVCThe upscale cousin of Corrugated Plastic. Stylish and has a feel akin to polyethylene signs.

Size Tips for Maximizing Impact

  1. Know Your Audience Distance: If your target audience is going to view your sign from afar, bigger sizes can be more effective. For closer encounters, smaller, detailed signs work wonders.
  2. Consider the Content: Don’t cram too much information on a small sign. If you have a lot to say or display, lean towards the larger sizes.
  3. Placement is Key: A 6″ x 18″ sign might get lost on a vast lawn, but could be perfect on a pathway. Similarly, a 36″ x 24″ might be too overpowering for a small space but command attention in an open area.
  4. Visual Clutter: Be mindful of the surroundings. In a space with many visual elements, a larger, simpler sign can stand out better than a smaller, intricate one.
  5. Safety First: If you’re placing your sign near roads or pathways, ensure it doesn’t obstruct vision or movement.

Your sign’s size can make a significant difference in its effectiveness. It’s not just about what you say, but how prominently you display it! Choose with purpose.

📏 Yard Sign Size Chart

Size (Width x Height in Inches)Size (Width x Height in cm)Description
18″ x 24″45.7 cm x 61 cmStandard size for versatile use, such as event promos or real estate listings.
6″ x 18″15.2 cm x 45.7 cmSlim and elongated; suitable for marking pathways or linear space direction.
6″ x 24″15.2 cm x 61 cmA slightly extended version of the previous size, offering more space for content in a streamlined manner.
12″ x 18″30.5 cm x 45.7 cmMedium size, ideal for general announcements or short notices.
18″ x 30″45.7 cm x 76.2 cmWider dimension; perfect for designs with horizontal content.
24″ x 18″61 cm x 45.7 cmGood for messages that need prominence without dominating space.
24″ x 24″61 cm x 61 cmSquare size; apt for symmetrical designs or logos.
24″ x 30″61 cm x 76.2 cmLarge size suitable for more detailed information or larger graphics.
24″ x 36″61 cm x 91.4 cmProvides ample space for bold statements and intricate designs.
30″ x 24″76.2 cm x 61 cmLandscape orientation, perfect for wider visuals or lengthy messages.
36″ x 24″91.4 cm x 61 cmMaximum impact size; for those seeking to make the boldest of statements with comprehensive details.

🛠 Displaying Options: Beyond Just Signs

Once you’ve selected your sign, the next crucial step is deciding how to display it. Here’s an in-depth look at the choices available:

1. Holes and Grommets

Upon request, we can add holes and grommets to your sign, allowing for:

  • Easy hanging on walls, fences, or other vertical surfaces.
  • Swift mounting on flat surfaces.
  • Enhancing the durability of your sign when used in windy environments.

2. Stakes and Frames

Pair your sign with our stakes and frames to maximize its presentation and stability:

Display OptionPriceDescription
24”h x 10”w Wire Stake+$1.50Basic, sturdy option ideal for lawns, gardens, or roadside displays.
18″ x 24″ Metal Frame with Rider+$18.00Enhances sign appearance with superior stability. Rider for additional info atop the main sign.
18″ x 24″ Plastic Frame with Rider+$43.00High-grade, lightweight plastic frame for 18″h x 24″w corrugated signs. Enables dual signage for a comprehensive display.

3. Own way of signage placement

If you already have mounting equipment or a different plan for display, simply let us know! This allows for personalized setup and gives your sign a unique touch.

🌟 Finishing Options: A Closer Look

Finishing can truly elevate the look, feel, and durability of your sign. It’s like choosing the right accessory to complete an outfit. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

1. Protective Glossy Coating

This is more than just a shiny surface. Here’s what you get:

  • Anti-Scratch Feature: Minor scratches from daily wear and tear? Not a worry anymore. This coating ensures those accidental grazes don’t leave a mark.
  • Enhanced Color Vibrancy: Your sign’s colors get a noticeable boost, making them pop out more. Whether it’s a bright red or a cool blue, expect richer hues.

2. Premium Protective Glossy Coating (Our Top Pick!)

Taking protection and vibrancy up a notch, this premium choice offers:

  • Double the Anti-Scratch Power: With enhanced scratch resistance, your sign stays pristine for even longer. Think of it as giving your sign a superhero shield!
  • Superior Color Boost: This isn’t just a step up from the standard coating. It’s a leap! Colors are even more vivid, ensuring your sign remains the center of attention.

3. No Protective Coating

For those who prefer the raw aesthetics or are looking to use the signs in gentler environments, you can opt to go without any protective layer. Your sign retains its natural look and feel.

Table of finish options

Finishing TypeFeatures
Protective Glossy Coating• Anti-Scratch longevity boost
• Amplifies color vibrancy
Premium Protective Glossy Coating(Highly Recommended!)
• 2x the Anti-Scratch prowess
• Superior color enhancement
No Protective CoatingGo natural. Your sign remains untouched and without added protection.

Finishing FAQ for wise sign owners

What factors should I consider when choosing a finish for my sign?

When you’re on the quest for the perfect finish, it’s crucial to ponder where your sign will call home. Are you placing it outdoors, braving the elements, or is it more of an indoor dweller? Because let me tell you, dear sign lover, the environment matters. So, before you dive into that sea of finish options, keep in mind where your sign will be stationed. You wouldn’t want to send your sign into battle unprepared, would you?

What are my options if I’m looking for a balance between budget-friendly finishes and long-lasting ones?

Ah, the classic budget tug-of-war! Fear not, my thrifty companion, for we have options aplenty. If your wallet’s feeling a bit shy, the standard Protective Glossy Coating is like a budget-friendly hug for your sign. It’ll provide that shine without emptying your pockets. But hey, if you’re in it for the long haul, if you want your sign to age like fine wine and shine like a star, then listen up: the Premium Coating is your golden ticket. It’s like the VIP treatment for your sign, ensuring it stands tall and proud for years to come. So, my friend, are you after instant gratification or long-term stardom?

How does the ease of cleaning differ between signs with coatings and those without?

Alright, let’s talk about cleaning, shall we? Coated signs are like those magical self-cleaning windows you dream about. A simple wipe here, a gentle swipe there, and ta-da! Your sign is back to its dazzling best. But ah, my friend, uncoated signs are like delicate works of art. You’ve got to handle them with care, like a treasure from an ancient civilization. One wrong move, and you might just end up with a smudge that’s harder to erase than that embarrassing childhood haircut. So, if you’re all about that effortless shine, coatings are your besties.

Why should I care about UV resistance, and how does it affect my sign?

UV resistance? Oh, we’re diving into the science of sun protection now! Imagine your sign as a sunbathing aficionado, soaking in rays for hours under the blazing sun. Those UV rays, while great for a tan, can be a bit harsh on your sign’s complexion. That’s where UV resistance swoops in like a caped hero. Coatings not only make your sign pop with vibrant colors but also shield it from the sun’s relentless glare. So, if your sign’s gonna be soaking up rays like a beach bum, make sure it’s got the UV protection it needs. Let it sunbathe worry-free!

📋 How to Order: Streamlined Process

Getting your customized yard sign is straightforward with our tailored approach. Here’s how it works:

  1. Initiate Contact
    • Reach out to us through our contact form, email, or phone.
    • Provide us with a brief overview of what you’re looking for.
  2. Discussion & Details
    • Once we receive your inquiry, our team will ask about specific requirements, preferences, and ideas you have in mind. This includes materials, sizes, content, and any special features.
  3. Custom Design Creation
    • Based on our discussions, our design team will craft an initial design concept for your yard sign.
    • We’ll share this design with you for feedback and approval.
  4. Design Negotiation
    • After reviewing the initial design, you can provide any changes or tweaks you’d like.
    • We’ll refine the design until it aligns perfectly with your vision.
  5. Printing Process
    • Once the design is finalized and approved, we’ll move to the printing phase. We ensure high-quality prints that resonate with your brand and message.
  6. Delivery Arrangements
    • After printing, we’ll coordinate with you regarding delivery details.
    • Choose your preferred delivery method, ensuring you provide an accurate address.
  7. Support & Assistance
    • Throughout the process, our team is available for any questions or assistance. From design queries to delivery updates, we’ve got your back!

🚚 Delivery Options & Pricing

Delivery MethodEstimated TimePrice for 10 pcsPrice for 100 pcsNotes
Standard Shipping5-7 business days$7.95$39.75Most economical choice
Express Shipping2-3 business days$14.95$74.75For tighter deadlines
Overnight ShippingNext business day$29.95$149.75When you need it ASAP
Local Pickup2 business daysFreeFreeAvailable in select locations (call us)

🌟 Elevate Your Visibility with Yard Signs!

Dive into our design tips to make the most of them!

🎨 Palette Perfection: The Color Play

Bold Choices Yield Bright Results: The right color combination can make your sign go from overlooked to unmissable. Opt for contrasting colors that catch the eye instantly. A pro-tip? Light text against a darker background or vice-versa works wonders, ensuring your sign stands out, be it on a bustling street or a serene neighborhood.

📍 Prime Positioning: Unlock Maximum Reach

Strategic Sign Placement: The right spot can multiply your sign’s effectiveness manifold. High-footfall areas, main road intersections, or prime event entrances are ideal. Remember, angle your sign to capture the gaze of the majority, ensuring maximum engagement.

✍️ Precision in Messaging: Less is More

Clarity Over Quantity: A yard sign has mere moments to make its mark. Craft a message that’s succinct yet striking. Aim for seven words or fewer, and always choose legible, bold fonts. A sign that’s easy to read on-the-go multiplies its impact.

🌱 Material & Finishing: Details that Define

Choose Wisely: The material of your sign dictates its durability and appearance. From corrugated plastic to robust aluminum, pick based on longevity and aesthetic needs. And don’t forget finishing touches! Protective coatings can enhance vibrancy and longevity.

🔥 Spotlight with Tailored Yard Signs

Every cause, business, or property is unique. So should be the sign that represents it. Custom yard signs let you infuse personal flair, ensuring your message isn’t just seen, but remembered.

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