Achieve Maximum Visibility with Custom Banners

This comprehensive guide, courtesy of the experts at OnSaleSigns, provides trusted insights on all aspects of custom banner projects from material selection to hanging and care, drawn from our 17+ years as leaders in bespoke banner production. Our experienced team is ready to tailor guidance to your specific needs for maximum visibility and impact.



Vinyl is one of the most popular banner materials due to its versatility and affordability. Vinyl banners are water-resistant and can be printed with vibrant, full-color graphics. There are a few types of vinyl banner material:

  • Adhesive vinyl – Vinyl with an adhesive backing that allows you to stick it to smooth surfaces. Useful for indoor banners.
  • Mesh vinyl – Perforated vinyl material that is lightweight and breathable, ideal for outdoor banners in windy conditions. The holes allow air to pass through.
  • Blockout vinyl – Thicker, opaque vinyl that blocks out light for use in trade show displays.

Vinyl banners are a great choice for short-term indoor or outdoor use. The disadvantages are that vinyl can crack in cold weather and deteriorate under prolonged sun exposure.

Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric is another common material for banners. It is more durable than vinyl and can be used for long-term outdoor banners. The tightly woven polyester material is water-resistant and UV treated to prevent fading.

Fabric banners have an attractive natural look and feel. The fabric drapes nicely and allows for breathing. The downsides are that fabric banners are more expensive than vinyl and can wrinkle when stored. They may require metal or plastic grommets to hang.


Canvas banners have a stylish, artistic look. The cotton canvas material is durable yet lightweight. Canvas naturally absorbs ink for bold, vivid prints.

Canvas is a good choice for indoor banners where you want an elegant, painted appearance. It’s also water-resistant for some outdoor use. However, canvas banners are prone to sagging and deteriorate faster than polyester in outdoor conditions.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Material

  • Location – Vinyl works for most indoor banners. Polyester and canvas are better for long-term outdoor use.
  • Appearance – Fabric and canvas have a natural, textured look. Vinyl allows for glossy, photo-quality prints.
  • Durability – Polyester and canvas last longer outdoors than vinyl. Vinyl is prone to ripping in high winds.
  • Budget – Vinyl is the most affordable option. Polyester and canvas cost more but are worthwhile for permanent banners.
  • Ink compatibility – Always check that the ink or print method is suitable for the banner material. Eco-solvent and latex inks work on most vinyl.

Which Material is Best for Indoor and Outdoor Banners?

For indoor banners, adhesive vinyl is ideal. It’s low-cost, easy to hang on smooth walls and ceilings, and works with most digital printing methods. At OnSaleSigns, our experts can advise on the best vinyl banner options since 2005.

For outdoor banners, polyester fabric is the best choice. It’s durable, weather-resistant, and looks great in outdoor displays. 13oz blackout polyester is a popular outdoor banner material. Call us to discuss fabric selection for your unique outdoor banner needs.

MaterialLocationAppearanceDurabilityBudgetInk CompatibilityOther Factors
VinylIndoor, short-term outdoorGlossy, photo-quality printsLow durability outdoors, prone to rippingMost affordable materialEco-solvent, latex inksWidely available, easy to install
Polyester FabricLong-term outdoorNatural, textured lookHighly durable outdoorsModerate costDye-sublimation inksWrinkles when stored, metal grommets needed
CanvasMostly indoorTextured, artistic appearanceLow durability outdoorsMost expensive materialLatex, UV inksProne to sagging, bleed-through

How to Ensure Ink Compatibility for Certain Colors

Always check with your printer what ink is used and request a test print on a sample of the material. Here are some guidelines:

  • Dark colors – Use eco-solvent inks for rich, dark colors on vinyl and polyester outdoor banners. Avoid using dye inks.
  • Light colors – Latex inks are good for printing light colors and avoid bleed-through on thinner vinyl banners.
  • Metallic colors – Special solvent inks with metal flakes are required to achieve a metallic shimmering effect.

Our team at OnSaleSigns will guide you in choosing compatible inks for optimal print quality.

Vinyl vs Fabric Banners: Which One to Choose?

Vinyl is best for short-term indoor/outdoor use. It’s affordable, lightweight, and prints vibrantly. However, vinyl can deteriorate and rip in harsh weather.

Fabric is recommended for long-term outdoor banners. The woven polyester material is very durable and weather-resistant. Fabric has an attractive, natural appearance but costs more than vinyl.

For indoor lobby signs or trade show banners used for a few days, vinyl is the standard choice. For outdoor banners lasting months or years in the elements, opt for a 13oz blackout polyester fabric banner. Consider your budget, longevity needs, and display location when deciding between vinyl and fabric. Let our experts at OnSaleSigns advise you based on our 17+ years of banner production experience.

Good to Know: Matching Grommets and Wind Slits for Durability

Reinforce vinyl and fabric banners with grommets in the corners and wind slits to prevent tearing in high winds. Use strong metal or plastic grommets designed for each material. Wind slits are vertical cuts in the banner corners that allow air to pass through, acting like release valves. Add grommets and slits for optimal outdoor banner durability.

Go Big and Bold with Large Format Banners

Think BIG when planning your next banner project. Large format banners make a dramatic visual impact at events and in lobbies. With today’s wide format digital printers, it’s easy and affordable to print full-color banners in virtually any large size you need.

Aim for big banner sizes like 4ft x 8ft, 8ft x 8ft, or larger to capture attention. Indoor banners can be made even longer for lobby ceilings and walls. For outdoor venues, 20ft-30ft long banners mounted on a fence or building are impressive. Go big, bold, and colorful for maximum visibility!

Choosing the Right Size for Your Indoor and Outdoor Banners

Our knowledgeable staff at OnSaleSigns will provide size recommendations tailored to your unique indoor or outdoor display needs.

When ordering custom banners, one of the most important decisions is choosing the right size. Consider these factors for indoor and outdoor banners:

Indoor Banners

  • Measure wall or ceiling area where banner will hang
  • Allow for proper visual balance and fit
  • Account for viewing distance – make text and graphics large enough to see
  • Standard sizes like 2x3ft, 3x6ft, 4x6ft are good for indoor signs

Outdoor Banners

  • Bigger is better for outdoor visibility – go as large as your budget allows
  • For fences or buildings, visualize how much width you have to work with
  • Make text very large – at least 6-8 inches tall – so it’s readable from a distance
  • Allow for wind movement if hanging banners – avoid narrow vertical sizes

Here is a table comparing considerations for indoor vs. outdoor banners:

Indoor BannersOutdoor Banners
SizingMeasure wall/ceiling area
Allow for visual balance
Account for viewing distance
Standard sizes like 2x3ft, 3x6ft
Go as large as possible 
Visualize width of fences/buildings
Text/GraphicsMake text and graphics large enough to see from intended viewing distanceVery large text – at least 6-8 inches tall
Readable from a further distance
Other FactorsPosition for optimal visibility
Consider lights, fixtures, and obstructions
Allow for wind movement
Avoid narrow vertical sizes
Use grommets and wind slits

Additional tips:

  • Allow 6-12 inches of bleed space around edges
  • Take photos of install locations to visualize sizing
  • Discuss optimal size with us
  • For outdoor signs, mock up designs at full size to test readability

Let us know the intended viewing distance and display location, and we can recommend the perfect banner size.

How to Measure Your Space for the Perfect Banner Size

Accurately measuring the area where your banner will be displayed is crucial for getting the ideal size. Here are some tips:

  • Use a steel measuring tape for precise measurements
  • For wall banners, measure wall height and width. Account for borders and molding.
  • For ceiling banners, measure length and width of ceiling area. Factor in lights and fixtures.
  • For fences or poles, measure around the width and available height.
  • Add at least 6 inches minimum around the edges for proper fit and visibility.
  • Take photos of the space for our print shop if needed.
  • Provide the exact dimensions to us for an accurate custom-sized banner.

Custom Banner Sizes: What Are Your Options?

Custom banners can be made in virtually any size that fits your space, budget and visual goals. Here are some popular custom size options that our customers order:

  1. Short widths like 24″, 36″, 48″ work for columns and poles
  2. Standard widths like 4′, 5′, 6′ for walls and ceilings
  3. Extra long lengths like 20′, 50′, 100′ are great for ceilings, lobbies, fences
  4. Oversize widths up to 15′-20′ wide possible for big outdoor impact
  5. Custom shapes – circles, ovals, triangles, swooping curves, etc.
  6. Panels – Connect multiple banners into extra-large multi-panel displays

Talk to us about custom sizing options that will maximize the visibility of your brand or message!

Good to Know: Allow Extra Time for Larger Sized Banners

When ordering large format banners bigger than 6x6ft, allow 2-3 weeks production time. We must order large format materials, and larger banners may require special fittings such as grommets or stands. Will recognize that we will need extra time to produce banners larger than standard sizes so that they are produced in time for the event or installation date.

Think Vertical for Hanging Ceiling Banners

For long horizontallyhanging banners from lobbies or warehouse ceilings, think vertically. Hanging banners vertically provides maximum visibility and eyecatching appeal. Vertical vinyl banners can be produced in custom lengths like 20-50 feet. Hang vertically to showcase advertising messages, branding, or inspirational quotes with dramatic impact. Visitors can’t miss bold vertical ceiling banners spanning their view as they walk through large spaces.

How to Trim Your Banners for a Professional Look

In some cases, you may not want to order professional trimming from us, for a variety of reasons. We will then advise you on how to do it properly.

Once your banner arrives, trimming the edges provides a clean, finished appearance:

  • Use a sharp utility knife and metal ruler. Change blades often for clean cuts.
  • Lay banner flat on a clean, smooth surface like a table.
  • Cut slowly in multiple passes for a precise cut through the thick material.
  • For vinyl, only trim the edges – don’t cut into printed areas.
  • For fabric, you can cut into the printed area slightly to achieve perfect alignment.
  • Take your time – rushing leads to crooked cuts.
  • For reinforced hems, fold edges under 1″ and tape prior to cutting for stability.

Proper trimming and finishing transforms a raw banner into a flawless professional display.

Fixing Your Banners: Grommets, Pole Pockets, and More

Custom banners may require hardware for hanging or installation. We use:

  • Grommets – Reinforce vinyl and fabric banner corners with grommets. Use at least 4 per banner.
  • Pole pockets – Sew pockets into the top and bottom of banners to slide poles through for hanging.
  • Velcro – Affix Velcro strips onto walls and adhesive Velcro dots onto vinyl banners for easy swapping.
  • Adhesive – For adhesive vinyl banners, peel off the backing and firmly adhere to smooth flat surfaces.
  • Hem tape – Fold banner edges under and apply hem tape for clean finished edges without cutting.

Discuss options with us early so necessary hardware is included with your order.

How to Hang Your Banners: Best Practices for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Use proper hanging methods to safely and securely display custom banners:

Indoor Wall Banners

  • Use grommets and hooks, or velcro tabs for removable mounting
  • Ensure hooks or hardware can support the banner weight
  • Check for wall studs to anchor heavy-duty hooks or eye screws
  • Use transparent fishing line to hang lightweight vinyl banners taut

Outdoor Banners

  • Add grommets and wind slits to prevent tear-outs in wind
  • Use strong ropes, zip-ties, or bungee cords threaded through grommets
  • For fences, secure grommets over the fence pole tops
  • Hang heavier fabric banners taut to prevent sagging

If you are not in South Florida and we are not involved in the installation of your banner, then follow the installation instructions. And use quality hardware designed for the size and material of the banner.

Good to Know: Allow Banners to Adjust to Temperature

When installing vinyl and fabric banners, allow them to adjust to the temperature conditions for 24 hours before tightly fastening or applying tension. The materials naturally expand and contract with temperature changes. If tightly installed right after printing, the banner corners may pucker later once exposed to the outdoor elements. Let banners acclimate before finalizing the hanging process.

Create a Buzz with Event Banners

Promote your next special event in a BIG way with large, colorful outdoorevent banners. Heavy-duty vinyl and fabric event banners make excellent attention-grabbing advertisement when hung in high traffic areas. Advertise festivals, concerts, races, openings, sales, and more. Event banners inform people when and where, buildanticipation, and create a buzz. Place eye-catching event banners along busy streets, fences, buildings, and venues. Event banners are inexpensive yet deliver huge promotional impact!

How to Choose the Right Material, Size, and Finishing Options

Choosing the optimal banner specifications ensures it meets your functional needs and brand vision. Consider these key factors:


  • Vinyl for most indoor, short-term outdoor use
  • Polyester fabric for durable long-term outdoor displays
  • Size/thickness – standard options are 13oz, 18oz, 27oz


  • Measure display area and order custom size for perfect fit
  • Allow extra bleed space; add grommets/pockets for hanging


  • Hemmed edges provide a clean finish
  • Grommets in corners are essential for hanging
  • Wind slits prevent tear-outs in outdoor banners

Discuss options with us early in the process so the production is tailored to your unique specifications.

How to Ensure Your Design Meets the Required Specifications

Providing proper artwork specifications avoids production issues or delays. Be sure to:

  • Design at full print size/scale at minimum 150dpi resolution
  • Use PMS colors or convert all elements to CMYK for printing
  • Keep critical elements at least 1″ from banner edges
  • Supply all linked images and fonts used in the document
  • Provide bleed if banner goes to edges of art (1/4″ recommended)
  • Save final file as press-ready PDF or high resolution TIFF/JPEG

Following our guidelines for file setup results in a flawless banner tailored to their production process.

How to Submit Your Artwork for Printing

When sending artwork files for banner printing:

  • Upload via file sharing service if files are large
  • Email smaller artwork files directly to us
  • Provide reference notes about material, size, finishing
  • Specify any special instructions like color matching
  • Approve our digital request to verify positioning, size, colors
  • Allow 1 week production time for standard vinyl/fabric banners

We are open to communication and early proofing ensures your vision is accurately produced.

How to Approve Your Proof and Place Your Order

The final steps for smooth banner printing:

  1. Carefully review the digital or printed proof from us
  2. Check image quality, text sharpness, and color accuracy
  3. Look for proper positioning, bleeds, visible borders
  4. Request color or file adjustments if needed
  5. Provide formal approval via email to proceed with full order
  6. Provide shipping address and installation timeframe
  7. Submit purchase order or complete payment
  8. Confirm production timeline and delivery date

Taking time to properly approve the proof is crucial to achieving stunning, flawless custom banners.

Good to Know: Allow Extra Production Time for Large Orders

For large volume banner orders of 10+ units, allow 3-4 weeks production time. Factoring in extra time ensures we can acquire the needed materials, schedule wide format press time, and quality check the full order without rushing. Avoid tight deadlines and penalties by building in extra production time for large banner print jobs.

Steal the Show at Trade Shows with Custom Banners

Want high visibility and dramatic impact at your next trade show booth? Invest in custom-printed fabric and vinyl trade show banners. With bold graphics and oversize dimensions, trade show banners make your brand stand out. Place large vertical banners behind your booth or hang horizontally above. Use fabric end-cap banners to draw visitors down the aisle. Specify step and repeat banner backdrops for speaking events. Vivid full-color dye sublimated fabric banners are also ideal for table skirting. Captivate attendees and maximize your trade show presence with vivid, custom-printed banners.

How Material Type Affects the Price of Your Banner

The material used for custom banners directly impacts the cost:

MaterialPrice RangeFactors Affecting Price
Vinyl$7 – $10 per sq ftThickness, ink compatibility
Polyester Fabric$12 – $15 per sq ftWeight (13oz, 18oz), durability
Canvas$18 – $25 per sq ftThread count, thickness

Please note the following details

  • Standard vinyl banners are around 10-13 oz thickness
  • 18oz polyester is a popular outdoor fabric banner
  • Higher thread count canvas is more expensive
  • Blockout vinyl is thicker and costs more than standard vinyl
  • Adhesive vinyl costs slightly more than plain vinyl
  • Mesh vinyl is lightweight and very affordable

Vinyl is the most budget-friendly material. Polyester and canvas cost more but provide higher quality and durability. Contact us for current pricing on your preferred banner material.

Factors like thickness, durability, and ink compatibility cause material costs to vary. Vinyl works for most budget-friendly projects.

How Banner Size Affects the Price of Your Banner

Larger custom banner sizes naturally cost more since they require more materials and ink. Pricing is usually based on total square footage.

  • Small banners under 10 sq ft are most affordable.
  • Mid-size 10-40 sq ft banners are moderately priced.
  • Oversize banners over 40 sq ft are more expensive.
  • Extra-long or wide banners get progressively more costly.

To save money, be conservative on size rather than ordering an overscale banner.

How Finishing Options Affect the Price of Your Banner

Optional finishing and hardware add to the total cost:

  • Grommets and pole pockets – $1-2 per grommet
  • Velcro strips – $.50-1 per foot
  • Hemmed edges – $1-2 per linear foot
  • Wind slits – $2-3 per slit
  • Multi-panel connectors – $5-10 per connector

Simple vinyl banners with no extras are most economical. Build in finishing costs for fabric banners which require grommets for hanging.

How Quantity Affects the Price of Your Banner

Ordering multiple banners brings volume discounts:

  • Single banners have little discount.
  • 5-10 banners may get 5-10% off per unit.
  • 25-50 banners may get 15-20% off per unit.
  • 100+ banners may get 25-35% off per unit.

Identify all your needs upfront and consolidate orders to maximize cost savings on bulk banner projects.

How to Get the Best Value for Your Money When Ordering Custom Banners

These tips help maximize your banner budget:

  • Shop around and get competitive quotes.
  • Order vinyl for most cost-effective projects.
  • Choose smaller standard sizes like 2x3ft or 3x5ft.
  • Limit finishing add-ons like grommets.
  • Consolidate orders for volume discounts.
  • Use coupons and seasonal sales if available.
  • Consider reusable options like fabric over vinyl for long-term use.

With strategic planning, you can get stunning, professional custom banners that make a big visual impact without overspending!

Promote Community Events and Causes with Custom Banners

Inform and rally support for community events, fundraisers, and causes with vibrant custom banners! Printed banners are an inexpensive yet high-impact way to promote walks, runs, festivals, open houses, church functions, and more. Hang eye-catching full-color vinyl banners at the event venue and around town leading up to the date. Print bold sponsor logos and event details like dates, times, locations. Spread excitement and turnout for community happenings with custom promotional banners!

We welcome new orders

Custom banners provide a versatile and striking medium for advertising, branding, events and displays. With the right material, size, design and finishing options selected, custom banners can meet any indoor or outdoor communication need effectively and affordably. At OnSaleSigns, our experienced team will guide you in planning the optimal specifications for your unique banner needs. Properly submitting artwork helps ensure a flawless final product. With so many options from size to material to printing method, there is a custom banner solution suitable for any budget and usage requirements. Utilizing custom banners for promotion is a smart and visually compelling strategy for businesses, organizations, events and personal causes seeking high visibility and engagement.

Ready-to-Order Banner Solutions for Every Occasion

Find the perfect banner for your event with our ready-to-order solutions. Our chart below outlines the specifications and pricing options for different scenarios, so you can easily choose what’s right for you. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, or an outdoor festival, we’ve got you covered.

Propose or EventSpecificationPrice for 1Price for 10+
WeddingMaterial: Vinyl, Size: 3×6 ft, Finishing: Hemmed Edges$50$45 each
Corporate EventMaterial: Polyester, Size: 4×8 ft, Finishing: Grommets$80$70 each
Outdoor FestivalMaterial: Mesh Vinyl, Size: 5×10 ft, Finishing: Hemmed Edges$120$110 each
Trade ShowMaterial: Fabric, Size: 2×4 ft, Finishing: Pole Pockets$40$35 each
Indoor Retail PromotionMaterial: Vinyl, Size: 2×3 ft, Finishing: Hemmed Edges$30$25 each
Sports EventMaterial: Mesh Vinyl, Size: 3×5 ft, Finishing: Grommets$60$55 each
ConcertMaterial: Polyester, Size: 4×6 ft, Finishing: Pole Pockets$75$65 each

Let the experts at OnSaleSigns advise you on the ideal custom banner to maximize your brand’s visibility since 2005!

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